About Us

Meet Crystal, the owner/creator of Bare Bones Jewelry.  Having been intrigued by raw natural crystals, unique stones and ornate one of a kind jewelry,  Crystal began her journey which led her to Bare Bones Jewelry.  Coming from a background working in antiques and all things vintage, Crystal has an eye for classic beauty which she mixes with a modern touch.

 Crystal found her calling in silver-smithing when she started forging her own silver rings and necklaces. After many late nights of trial and error she finally felt it click.  She decided to throw herself into silversmithing full time in 2015 and established Bare Bones Jewelry as a brand.
Creating everything from a mix of modern crystal pieces to creating custom silver jewelry Bare Bones is continuing to grow and evolve.  The sky is the limit and because every piece is different and custom in its own way, truly anything is possible.